Software Developer
grad. eng, BA. Eng. (m/f)

Corporate division

Programming languages; libraries
  • C and C++ programming
  • Windows API, Windows DirectX and Windows DirectSound
  • Digia QT (Nokia QT)

  • Application programming under Windows
  • Design of user desktops under Windows
  • Programming measurement systems (quasi-realtime data processing) under Windows
  • Professional experience is an asset
  • Documentation for DIN EN 13485

We offer
  • Nearness to Munich – we are approx. 30 km to the south of Munich and are to be reached at approx. 20 minutes by the car from there. A connection about public transportation is also given.
  • Varied activity
  • Interesting products
  • a modern infrastructure and innovative workstations
  • a nice team and friendly colleagues
  • a good salary