vasolab 320 system
The vasolab® 320 is a modular designed system for the entire vascular diagnosis.

Measurement results of 2 extremities can be taken at the same time.

Examination processes, analysis of measurement results and evaluations of examinations are efficiently supported by examination programs which can be adjusted freely to examiners needs.
Medical applications
Main System
  • Windows software
  • Workstation type iMac
  • Examination database
  • vasocart® 320

Arterial function diagnosis

  • Acral Pulse Oscillography (O-PO)
  • Acral Blood Pressure Measurement (O-AP)
  • Reactive Hyperemia (SG-AR)
  • Segmental Pulse Oscillography (P-SPO)

Venous function diagnosis

  • Digital Photoplethysmography (D-PPG / LRR)
  • Phlebodynamometry (PDM)
  • Vein Occlusion Plethysmography (SG-VOP, O-VOP)
  • Filtration test

Bidirectional Doppler

  • Peripheral and extracranial (CW)
  • Transcranial (TCD)
  • Automatic examination programs to calculate Ankle- Brachial-Index (ABI) and Toe-Brachial-Index (TBI) with automatic cuff control.
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