No matter if a sensor malfunction or the high end electronics of our products causes any issues, one of our well trained technicians will find a fast and reliable solution for an economic maintenance or repair.

You receive qualified assistance and consulting by phone. If necessary a chargeable loaned device can be provided by ELCAT while the defective device is being repaired

Our product service cares for the safety of patients, employees and for you as person in charge. The qualified technicians use advanced measuring and testing equipment to guarantee the conformity to all legal regulations.

ELCAT is certified to DIN EN 13485:2012.

For all technical inquiries, please contact directly our Product-Service.

Repair packing and shipping notes


  • Always add a detailed error description to your shipment
  • Optional we can send you an estimate of costs via fax (fax number required)
  • For all repair and maintenance work advanced measuring and testing equipment is necessary. For this reason all repair or maintenance work has to be performed at ELCAT
  • An exchange of components on site is only possible after the estimate of costs was confirmed
Replacement device

  • You can exchange a defective device by a refurbished replacement device for a cost lump sum. Replacement devices are usually on stock.


  • Please pack your device carefully
  • A special packing can be ordered at ELCAT with charge

  • For an additional charge, the device can be collected on site. The device must be prepared an packed ready for shipping.


  • For all technical inquiries, please contact directly our Product-Service. 

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