Engineers (technicians)

Electrical engineering
  • Digital electronics
  • Microprocessor technology
  • FPGA design

Computer science

  • C and C++ programming
  • QT designer / linguist / assistant
  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Windows API, Windows DirectX and Windows DirectSound
  • Hardware-related programming (firmware), design and commissioning
  • Interface adaptation to Windows software
  • Windows API, Windows DirectX and Windows DirectSound
  • Design of user interfaces and application programming (measuring system; virtual real-time data processing) in Windows
Precision engineering and micro-mechanics
  • Demanding machine design in 3D with integration of state-of-the-art components
  • In coordination with electronics, pneumatics, etc.
  • Physical knowledge in optics and microtronics
  • Quality assurance

We expect you to work with

  • Solid Edge
  • QM documentation

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