vasodop 320

Doppler system for peripheral and transcranial vascular diagnostics

  • Very good sensitivity
  • Examination program
  • Database for follow-up
  • Network enabled
  • WINDOWS software with database and connection to medical practice computer and KIS
Attributes and features
  • Examination programs (list of vessels)
  • FFT spectrum analysis
  • Documentation
    • Printer
    • Examination database
  • Examination database
    • Can store examinations
    • Import/export function, archiving
  • Network connectivity
    • BDT, GDT, DICOM and HL7
    • Vasoview (Windows software)
  • Efficiency through
    • Automatic gel and noise muting
    • Auto gain
    • Power control at TCD
    • Automatic determination of semiquantitative indices
  • Ultrasound probes
    • 2 MHz PW (TCD)
    • 4 MHz CW (pen probe)
    • 8 MHz CW (pen probe)
Medical applications

  • Analysis and documentation of peripheral, extracranial and transcranial vascular diagnostics (TCD)
  • Automatic ankle-brachial index (ABI)

Additional product information

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