Easy, non-stressing diagnostic of the capillaries

  • Simple handling based on intuitive operation
  • Fast and easy calibration
  • No Light-refelctions
  • Efficient to examine and analyze micro circulation
  • Software for easy and fast recording, evaluation and image processing
  • CSURI-Evaluation / Measurement-Mapping
  • Patient-Database for network integration
Attributes and features
  • Easy, fast and high resolution Capillaroscop with 5mp
  • Integrated adjustable LED-Ringlight for non-reflecting pictures and images
  • Picture- and video-function, voicenotes and hand-/body-mapping, CSURI-evaluation
  • Professional and clear arranged measurement- and documentation-software
  • Professional and user-based equipment for medical centers and clinics
  • Examination-software for dermatology, angiology and vascular surgery
  • Medical-device Class 1 including CE
Medical application
  • Observation of the capillary blood flow
  • Diagnosis of the microcirculation
  • Clarification of acral circulatory problems
  • Differentiation between the primary and secondary Raynaud syndrome
  • Early detection of a systematic sclerosis

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