Frequently Asking Questions
  • Service by ELCAT

    If you require service please contact our Service Department directly.
  • PC system does not start

    • Check the switch on the laboratory cart.
      • The on-off switch (bottom right) must be illuminated green
      • The main switch (rear of the laboratory cart) must be illuminated green
    • Switch the PC on and check the status lights of the PC.
    • Check
      • Is it only impossible to turn on the PC or
      • are the printer and compressor malfunctioning?
  • The "Sensor Error" message appears in the display

    • Is the examination program correctly configured (only regarding A-PPG applications)
      • Has the correct sensor been selected (reflection/transmission).
    • Is the sensor correctly applied?
      • The optical test lens must be applied to the skin.
      • The sensor head must be completely fixated by the adhesive ring; do not let any light get in.
    • In the VVP applications, you need the Strain-Gauge sensor-test adapter for the test (green PCB; can be requested from ELCAT). Connect the test adapter instead of the Strain-Gauge sensor. If the VVP examination cannot be performed without an error message, the Strain-Gauge sensor is defective.
  • Printing problems

    • Check to see if the printer is switched on and check the printer status lights - they may indicate malfunctions.
    • Check the print manager (Windows operating system).
      • Perhaps the printer has paused or
      • the printer spooler is not working correctly.
        Delete all print jobs and restart the PC.

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