Frequently Asking Questions
  • How can I order through ELCAT?

    You can place your orders by telephone, fax, e-mail or in the online shop.
    Please get in touch with our Sales Department.
  • How can I access the online shop?

    Access to the shop is only possible with your GP code and your password.
    Please find your GP code on our documents in the upper right corner. If you forgot your password or need any support, please don't hesitate to contact our Sales Department. We will assist you with your first steps in the online shop and provide you with your online access.
  • What's my GP-Code, password?

    Please contact our TM-Backoffice oder the sales department.

    LINK to contact
  • Where can I find price lists for products, e.g. for consumables?

    You can find the prices for consumables, spare parts, etc. in our shop. You can find additional product information such as pictures of the product, graduated prices and so on in the "yellow point".

    If you need any assistance in our shop please don't hesitate to contact our Sales Department.

  • What is the minimum order value?

    We apply a surcharge of € 15.-- to orders under a value of € 50.--.