Frequently Asking Questions
  • What is the difference between handydop-pro and handydop?

    The handydop-pro is a bidirectional, the handydop is a unidirectional pocket Doppler.
  • Why doesn't ELCAT offer any spiral cables for the ultrasound probes?

    Spiral cables cannot be cleaned well. Due to their poor hygienic rating, spiral cables are not accepted by medical practices and clinics.

    Spiral cables shorten the effective cable lengths with the consequence that in practical application there is a permanent pull on the ultrasound probe.
  • Can I charge the handydop-pro with the charging cradle?

    The handydop-pro is charged through the charging cradle. The charger plug has to be connected to the charging cradle.
  • When are the rechargeable batteries in the handydop-pro charged up?

    After exiting the charging process, the handydop-pro display shows "Battery charged".
  • Can I operate the handydop-pro with batteries also?

    You can also operate the handydop-pro with batteries?

    For safety reasons, NEVER connect the charger to the handydop-pro. Pull the plug of the charger in the charging cradle.

    Make sure the necessary changes have been made in the hand-held unit setup.

    Our Service Department would be glad to assist you.

  • How can I update my unit to the current software version?

    We would be glad to assist you in the question "How can I update my unit to the current software version?"
    Please get in touch with our Service Department.
  • Can I view, analyse or document the examination findings on another PC?

    The database can be installed on a PC or on the server network. Using our vasoview software you can view, analyse or document the examination findings on all network PC's.
  • How can the handydop-pro be linked to a medical practice computer or KISS?

    Data exchange with a medical practice computer or KISS is available
    • GDT Version 2.10
    • DICOM
    • HL7
    Please discuss the details with our Sales Department.

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